With rapid development of our company in recent years, Yongtong always sticks to the talent concepts People-Oriented, Achievement Shared. The greatest wealth of Yontong is a team of honest and management-effective staff.

We advocate the concepts of enterprise value, which are to create the profit for enterprise, to create the value for society, to create the opportunity for staff. We also respect the knowledge and individuality, paying great attention to the harmoniously development between talent and company, emphasizing working style of communication, cooperation, practical and professional, setting up a team with enterprising, cooperation and struggle.

In Yongtong, we would provide you with the achievement platform: scientific human resource management, favorable salary treatment, good occupation development plan, perfect training system and vast space of displaying the talent.

Employment system: Talent first and focus on internal training
In the choice of personnel, we follow the principle Fair, Justice, Open to all the posts, carrying out the system of external selection and internal competitive selection. At the same time, to provide vast space for staffs development and make all staff professional, we would combine individual career planning of staff together with company development, and develop relevant training and promoting plan.

Personnel standards: Moral character first and emphasize the priority to competence.

Personnel standards: Moral character first and emphasize the priority to competence.

Training system: build up training platform, consummating training form, optimizing training content

We are aimed to well develop the staff and upgrade their competence by different levels and different forms training, to develop the staff.