The quantity uses the certificate its usage the detailed regulations

The quantity uses the certificate

Forward gold the quality of virtuous chair industry guarantee.Company commitment forward product in normal use the circumstance the next three year the ? to use.In the quality period, product if there is any damage with the result that influence usage, the forward company will provide on time appropriate of measure, guarantee the customer's legal consumption rights.

Usage detailed regulations
Quality detailed regulations

1.The outside only be applicable toes through the detailed regulationses original buy the square, to use the scope to only be limited by the product sold by forward company, original buy the square then to post notice to buy the goods contract and related proof data to ;
2.forward company is in the furniture spare part the manufacturing aspect provide the to use, responsible for maintain or replace part of customers of the damage of the original package products must the return the product to ruin the part or accessories, testify clear;
3.cause because of artificial factor the damage such as the product, and the company still provide to maintain with replace the module's suggestion and offer.

Not quality scope

1.force majeure;Such as the nature disaster that stage manners, flood, earthquake...etc. the nature disaster result in the damage that result in;
2.ecause of usage not appropriate or artificial damage;Such as the violent collision, lose the accessories etc., must the charges;
3.riticize a wood's quality, cloth for differently causing the , desquamation the color and luster, veins, quality because of the production each have the difference;
4.the product that this product manual provide and real object exsits in the color and luster, veinses difference;
5.come from the goods's damage but cause to buy the indirectly of square goods the loss, irresponsible.